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     I am having a problem in using server controls in ASP.Net, with C#.  I am trying to create a server control which contains 2 other server controls that I created (Called MyImageButton).  MyImageButton extends the standard ImageButton with some other properties & methods that I needed.  It therefore also has the 'OnClick' event.  From the original server control, I would like to handle the Click event for these 2 image buttons in the same server control.  Basically, this server control will show 2 images, ascending and descending and it will sort according to which is clicked by client.  I hope I'm explaining myself well enough.  This is a piece of the control.  The server control that contains the 2 other MyImageButtons is called MySortImage.


protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter writer)
            CS.Controls.MyImageButton btnAscending = new MyImageButton();
            CS.Controls.MyImageButton btnDescending = new MyImageButton();

            btnAscending.Click += new ImageClickEventHandler(btnAscending_Click);
            btnDescending.Click += new ImageClickEventHandler(btnDescending_Click);
            Literal lit = new Literal();
            lit.Text = " ";

        protected void btnAscending_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)

public void Sort(CS.General.Enums.SORT_TYPE sortType)

            System.Web.SessionState.HttpSessionState Session = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session;
            Session["sortby"] = SortFieldName; //property string defined in this control
            Session["sorttype"] = sortType; //property enum defined in this control

        protected void btnDescending_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)

However, when the clicks are made, no calls to 'btnDescending_Click' or 'btnAscending_Click' are being made.  Can you please tell me what is the problem with this code?




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7/17/2007 10:25:15 AM
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 Try adding the event handlers OnInit... Render happens after all events have been processed, except like Disposed and Unloaded.

7/17/2007 12:19:59 PM

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