Dynamic custom control on custom control - events not firing

What I'm trying to do is create a module for use within a larger page.  The page itself is an order form, which will have typical payment info (address, credit card, etc.), and the ability to select what you are paying for.  Our clients will have several options in how they want the page setup.  They can either have a single form, or they can have each module on it's own page.  They can also have all the selected items fire in a single transaction, or have a seperate transaction for each item selected.  And they can limit the total number of transactions a person can make.

So what I have done is I've created the item control, containing the method for selecting a single item.  I also have the Items control, which is where I have the option to add additional items to the order.  When the purchaser adds a new item, a new item control is dynamically added to the items control.  And then the Items control is placed on the page itself.

What I have found is that the items control works fine.  It will add the individual items as it should.  The problem is that the individual item controls don't fire any events.  They will fire postbacks properly, but none of the code on the item subcontrols will run.  It's not that the events aren't being tied properly.  It's that they're just ignored.  If I turn the items control to a page, then they work fine.

3/30/2007 4:25:11 PM
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In order for events to work on dynamically created controls, you should make sure:

1) that the controls are created dynamically before AND after the postback

2) that they are created with exactly the same ID's before and after the postback. This can go wrong if other controls are inserted after the postback.

You can check this by setting Trace=True in the page directive, and by checking the control tree in the trace output.


4/1/2007 6:38:09 PM

Thanks, that's a useful tool.  They are showing up with the same ID's each time.  I'm adding the control to an array list whenever I add it, saving the list to the session, and restoring the controls from the list on the postbacks.  Since the containter control is static, and the controls saved in the array would be saved with the id, the names shouldn't be the issue.

The trace did show a something interesting.  It is seeing something when I push the button.  The control that had the button pressed shows up under the Form Collection with an extra Name/Value pair, corresponding to the button pressed.

I've tried inheriting INamingContainer on the container control, and adding the subcontrols back to the container control in it's override for CreateChildControls, which are a couple things I've found in other threads.  So far, that hasn't helped.

One other strange thing, I put breakpoints in every method in both the page, and the two controls.  I also put in dummy code on the subcontrol's Page_Load code, so I could see if it was at least getting there.  When I am first creating the control (either automatically in the case of the first one, or on the button press) it is firing the Page_Load for that new subcontrol.  When it is recreating the subcontrols on the postback, none of them fire their Page_Load events.  I would think that's backwards, since the CreateChildControls occurs much earlier than the BTN_AddControl event.

4/2/2007 4:23:52 PM

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