Report "Load report failed" while report using data field

hi all, 

I'm develop and crystal report from visual studio 2003 environment. all the completed program & report will place in 1 folder running by IIS5, currently the problem is: if the report is without using database fields is runnable and display well in my page; but if the report need to uses of database's fieldย (no matter from xml or dataset), the page always throw error message "Load report failed", the stack trace always stop in the code "rpt.SetDataSource(ds)" or " rpt.Database.Tables(0).SetDataSource(ds.Tables("tbl1")" or "rpt.ExportToStream (CrystalDecisions.Shared.ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat)".
Does anyone encounter this problem before? is it because of permission problem or missing certain file?
8/2/2006 8:36:21 AM
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