Export Crystal Report to Crystal Report format

I looked at some sample code provided by crystaldecisions, and they have the ability to export a web crystal report to a crystal report. I was assuming that this would cause the local instance of Crystal reports on the client machine to be invoked. I tried this in my project, and I get the following error: 

Error Encountered by Crystal Web Report Server
The error message returned is:
Connection to Report Server Failed.
It creates the file as an .rpt file in the directory it should. Do I need a different version of Crystal in order for this functionality to work? I have Crystal Reports for .NET in VS 2003.
This report has a lot of data that isn't displayed in columns. Short of redesigning the report, I am trying to determine a means of exporting the report into excel in columns so the data can be manipulated in excel. But the export functionality I wrote for excel just puts the data in the same layout as the report. Whereas the export functionality in a desktop install of Crystal allows for a comma delimited export, etc.
Thanks for your help!
3/25/2004 5:10:48 PM
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