Design Problem - Can't use datasets for binding

I have a web application that I am working on which has a distinct 3-layer architecture. The middle (Domain) layer consists of all custom domain objects in which the data is held. When data is retrieved from the database it is done so through the Data Source Layer, a DataSet is passed back to the Domain Layer and the DataSet is immediately converted to a domain object and thrown out. The domain object is then passed to the presentation layer.

My current task is to implement reporting functionality. However, the reports exist in the Presentation Layer. This is a problem because no DataSets, DataReaders, or other ASP.NET data objects are available. All of the data, as I said, is kept in domain objects and collections.
Crystal Reports only gives me two options as far as databinding. I can either bind to a DataSet/DataReader (which is not possible) or I can have the report connect to the database itself (which is not ideal for me).
I am facing a design dilemma that I need to overcome. Should I implement some sort of ToDataSet() in each domain object to retrieve a data set (which I will build dynamically when the method is called)? Or should I redesign the architecture so that the data set is kept along with the domain objects (redundancy of data)? Or is there a better solution? Has this issue ever been tackled in some sort of whitepaper?
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Disregard. I think I have all the information I need in this post:
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 I have the same problem but i don't know what to do and the link doesn't work!

Please help me :)

5/4/2009 5:31:12 PM

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