Deploying VS.NET 2005 Crystal on a Web Server for Web App

Can someone confirm when/where the Crystal for VS.NET 2005 Merge Modules will be available?

Secondarily.. I am wanting to deploy to a web server and with VS.NET 2003 v (and VS.NET 2002 version), I had to use the merge modules to be able to enter in our product key otherwise we had licensing issues.

I just read a post that seemed to imply that this may not be needed with VS.NET 2005 version.. is that so?

I am able to create a installation package by choosing Crystal as a prerequisite in the VS.NET 2005 setup project, but that seems more like the thing we would do if we were shipping out a WinForms app.  Will this actually work on the Web Server?  With past versions, it did not as you would get the "keycodexxx" violation issue.

Any help here would be great as I am hoping to deploy a real .NET 2.0 website in the next week plus and need the Crystal installation figured out prior to that.

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Hello, I'm having the same issue. Reports work fine on local box but not on webserver. How can this be fixed?
1/18/2006 3:35:42 PM