Creating Reports using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET

Hi i am trying to create a crystal report using C# coding but instead of creating a web application under new project i decided to choose create an website with C#. The problem is i get:-

The report you requested requires further information.

Server name:   
Database name:   
User name:   

All data is present except my password when i enter it, it works fine and the report works too with no problems. How do i remove this prompt. There is a property called "DatabaseLogonPrompt" but if i set it to false. The report will no show up telling me the parameters are incorrect. So the password has to be entered in the code but where i dont know.

Build the report method:

The crystal report i built in this manner.

1) Added Crystal Report from add new item
2) Followed the instructions
3) Chose to create a new connection
5) OLEDB provider for SQL Server
6) Input servername,id, password and database name from combo

this created the report

I installed IIS on my local pc having win xp sp2. Also have Sql express 2005 on the same machine.

So i need to find a way to remove the prompt. Found codes but it was either windows applicaiton with C# or web application in vb. I want code for C# web application or website in C#. I relatively new to as i finished my .net at the end of last month

Please HELP!!!


Hey guys please Help Me :(
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 I'm afraid I don't know C# syntax, so I can't tell you exactly how to do it. But here's an example in VB that shouldn't be all that different from what you want (just translate the syntax to C#):


If (Session("forepipeq4") Is Nothing) Then
            forepipeq4 = New ReportDocument()
            'load the report document
            forepipeq4.Load("D:\IIS Web Roots\Crystal\reports\Fore-Pipe-Q4\Fore_Pipe-Q4.rpt") 'web server
            'forepipeq4.Load("C:/Documents and Settings/cfry/Desktop/Web_Reports/Fore-Pipe-Q4/Fore_Pipe-Q4.rpt") 'local

            'authenticate to the database
            reportDB = forepipeq4.Database 'get the database
            reportTables = reportDB.Tables 'get the tables 
            'iterate through all of the tables, setting the correct login information for all of them
            For Each reportTable In reportTables
                reportLogOnInfo = reportTable.LogOnInfo 'get the LogOnInfo object
                'reportLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.ServerName = "server" 'specify the server
                'reportLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = "database" 'specify the database
                'reportLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.UserID = "username" 'specify the user name
                reportLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.Password = "password" 'specify the password
                reportTable.ApplyLogOnInfo(reportLogOnInfo) 'save the changes
            Next reportTable


For security reasons, Crystal will -not- store the password with the Report, so you must set that. I have the other lines in there (for database, username, etc.), should I want to set the other pieces of the authentication information, but they are commented out because they weren't necessary for me in this case. A couple of other things to be aware of: if you are planning to deploy your report to a different machine than the one you are creating it on, expect to have some trouble (it's a pain...). Make sure that any ODBC connection you use when creating the report is replicated -identically- on the server you deploy to because Crystal stores the name, etc. and will start doing weird things if circumstances aren't the same. Well, that's getting a bit off-topic, but hope this helps with the authentication part at least....


7/2/2007 7:42:12 PM

The code may work with vb but desperately need C# language

Hey guys please Help Me :(
7/2/2007 10:01:52 PM
Hello please help
Hey guys please Help Me :(
7/6/2007 11:53:07 AM

Use this code, Hope it resolves ur issue...

Here is the code for that in VB.NET:


On the page load or button click or whatever you want to run the report on you need to add the following: configureCRYSTALREPORT()

Private Sub configureCRYSTALREPORT()
    Dim myConnectionInfo As New ConnectionInfo()

    myConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = "DatabserName"
    myConnectionInfo.UserID = "UID"
    myConnectionInfo.Password = "PWD"
End Sub

Private Sub setDBLOGONforREPORT(ByVal myconnectioninfo As ConnectionInfo)
    Dim mytableloginfos As New TableLogOnInfos()
    mytableloginfos = CrystalReportViewer1.LogOnInfo
    For Each myTableLogOnInfo As TableLogOnInfo In mytableloginfos
        myTableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo = myconnectioninfo

End Sub


Here is the code for that in C#:


    private void setDBLOGONforREPORT(ConnectionInfo myconnectioninfo)
        TableLogOnInfos mytableloginfos = new TableLogOnInfos();
        mytableloginfos = CrystalReportViewer1.LogOnInfo;
        foreach (TableLogOnInfo myTableLogOnInfo in mytableloginfos)
            myTableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo = myconnectioninfo;


In Page Load....
        ConnectionInfo myConnectionInfo = new ConnectionInfo();

        myConnectionInfo.ServerName = "serverName";
        myConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = "DatabaseName";
        myConnectionInfo.UserID = "sa";
        myConnectionInfo.Password = "pwd";




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