Could I make all my reports export to a single PDF by adding them to one report as subreports?

I'm not familiar with how subreports work, but I need to come up with ideas on how to make multiple reports print/export together as a package.  Would something like that work?

I would just have a blank report out there that would serve only as a wrapper, then I'd programattically add all the reports to it as subreports before printing/exporting the wrapper report.
Is something like that even possible?
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Couldn't do this in CR .NET.  Possibly in CR 10.  But, it might be easier to get a third party product, such as dynamicpdf, and stitch your reports together after they are generated.
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9/28/2004 2:54:44 PM
Thanks for the info.  I checked out that application and it looks pretty nice.  We'll probably go that route if we need to add this functionality.
9/28/2004 3:44:42 PM

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