Web Site Project: How to configure web service URL in web.config (web service defined in a referenced DLL)

I have a web site that references a business logic DLL project. In the business logic project, there is a web service defined in its app.config file something like this:

setting name="MyNamespace_BLL_MyServer_ServiceName" serializeAs="String">

When the web site is published, the web service is still available from the web site code because - despite the fact there is no app.config file in the published web site - default values are hard-coded into the business logic DLL automatically by Visual Studio.

However, I would like to be able to override the web service URL in my web.config file.

Is this possible? I tried adding a key to <appSettings> in web.config, but it didn't appear to pick that up.

5/29/2008 4:04:14 PM
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You can override the URL of the web reference by modifying the .url property.

For example,

Dim wrSomeWebservice as new webService1()

wrSomeWebservice.url ="http://blah.blah.blah.asmx"

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5/29/2008 7:03:49 PM


The web service is encapsulated within the business logic. Although it would be possible to include a public static method to update the internal web service URL this seems an odd approach to take. Far simpler would be the ability to set the information in web.config. You can do it in a forms app so why not in a web site?

5/30/2008 8:19:17 AM



The web service is encapsulated within the business logic. Although it would be possible to include a public static method to update the internal web service URL this seems an odd approach to take. Far simpler would be the ability to set the information in web.config. You can do it in a forms app so why not in a web site?


what you are saying is right. We should have these settings in a configurable file.

See this link :- http://blogs.msdn.com/nickmalik/archive/2004/11/25/270420.aspx

this will resolve your concerns.

Kindly mark as answer if helps. Revert if any queries.

J. Venkatesh
5/30/2008 2:36:05 PM

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