Question regarding many config files for single web application

I saw one web application in which there are many config files. Below code will explain you what I mean. In system.web.authorization.config file I had the code like this

<?xml version="1.0"?><authorization><deny users="?"/></authorization>

 In web.config file I had the code like this

<authorization configSource="App_Config\_BASE\system.web.authorization.config">

 My question is we can mention the authorization setting in web.config file itself . Why they have mentioned the authorization setting in system.web.authorization.config file . Thanks in advance

with regards


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It is just a physical separation for maintability... Normally if you put all the stuffs in the web.config file it is tough to manage... You can create any number of files for any section in web.config and link it to the web.config file..

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