multiple SMTP's and different IP's, domain names to send email from this server using different SMTP's

Is anybody can help me with this 2 issues we have:

1. We need to have multiple SMTP's installed on our server - how do you do that

2. We need to rotate different IP's, domain names to send email from this server using different SMTP's       




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Third party mail server.  Look at Smartermail or iMail, Exchange if you need that much.


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Is this only option?


8/18/2008 5:13:50 PM

>1. We need to have multiple SMTP's installed on our server - how do you do that

This is going to be tricky because you cannot have 2 application / services listening to the same port.  eg.  If cannot have Exchange / IMail listen to port 25 at the same time. 

> 2. We need to rotate different IP's, domain names to send email from this server using different SMTP's       

Most modern mail servers allow you to handle multiple domains.  eg.  SmarterMail allows you to handle different domain name / IPs.

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