MSI installer only installs aspx and web config


I created an MSI installer prog at home last night and installed at the  office today.It only installed:

1) aspx

2) web config etc.

It didn't install the code behind or the solution files.(I had wanted to work on the project today)I assume that I can't somehow alter the MSI so that it installs ALL the files?(obviously, all the source code and solution files are at home)Do I have to wait till I get home tonight and "recreate " the MSI, so that it installs  all the files?

Can someone confirm / deny?

many thanks,


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OK, my MSI projects now contains:

1) sourceFiles

2) primaryOutput files

3) contentFiles

I run the MSI installer.It apprently installs without problem.


However when I go to the DIR that contains the files, I notice that:

1) there is no "solution" file

2) when I click on the .vbproj file, I get the error:


the project that you are trying to open is a web project.You need to  open it by  specifying its URL path


Can anyone help? this is driving me daft.



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4/21/2005 11:33:38 PM
Why are you building an installer for this?

Either use the Copy Project command in Visual Studio and select "All Project Files" or just zip up your folder and take the zip file home with you.

Of course, you'll want to learn to use source control eventually.

4/22/2005 11:49:37 PM

good question.The reason I want an installer is that:

1) it seems a lot easier to copy an installer than to copy all the files.

2) the installer automatically sets up the viurt dir for me (I always seem to have problems when I zip files and then try to setup a virt dir on the new machine.)

Is it possible to use the MSI installer to install all the files..solution files and all?

Surely it must be possible..

If not, I will struggle on trying to setup the virt dir....messy messy



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4/23/2005 3:46:54 PM

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