how to get the access to modify web.config when running web app?

hi all,

I am working on a web app that modification to the web.config may be needed when user logs on as administrator.

when user logs on as an administrator, s/he cold choose to change some settings in the web.config. My question is, how to grant the permission of "modify" web.config to this kind of user?

I know that all the user access the resources through "anonymouse access", and they use account "XXX\Iuser_XXX" to access the web.config, but this account (or user group) has no access "modify or write" to web.config. When used, the user must have the write permission on web.config and the directory.

the problem is if I can't modify the permission, how can I get the access to modify it?



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3/26/2007 8:41:10 PM

Thank you, bullpit.

I'll go through these links, and hope I can get the solution.


3/26/2007 9:52:06 PM

Hi bullpit,

it seems these links are not fit for my case.

Using xml node might not be able to work in my case, since the section I wanna to modify is encrypted, and the section needs  modify at run time.

What I want to know is whether it's the only way to modify the encrypted section that grant the write(or modify) permission to the user with the file web.config for "anonymouse access" ?

If anybody has any idea, I'll be appreciated!




3/27/2007 4:03:39 PM

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