How do I merge web services' app.config with web app's web.config? Help!!

I have a web application project that uses a separate class library containing web service references (service layer). I want to be able to configure the web reference URLs dynamically and I know you can set this up by setting the URL behavior to  'Dynamic', etc, etc. The problem is VS2005 puts the URLs in the project's app.config file. When the class library becomes a DLL component, I have no way of accessing the app.config file.

Is there a way to make the web reference project to look for the URLs in the web.config instead of its app.config? Or is there a way to merge this app.config with web.config?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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Just an FYI... I followed the steps in that link and could not get my web service URL's in the web.config to be used.  For those who have a web application that uses a Class Library project which contains a web service and want to move the Class Library project's app.config settings to your web.config, here are the steps I used to accomplish this:

1. Added my web service url in the <appSettings> section in my web.config

    <add key="MyWebServiceURL" value="http://my_webservice_url.asmx"/>

 2. Changed my Class Library project to "Show All Files"

3. Navigated to my "Web References --> my_web_service --> --> Reference.cs" file

4. Changed "this.URL" to point to the web.config appSettings entry

this.Url = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MyWebServiceURL"];

Now, I can change this web service url after deployment without any recompiling.

Hope this helps someone.

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