Having trouble getting SQL Server Report Server deployed

 I have a group project that we have to do for a local company as part of my MIS major. The problem is this is I'm pretty much on my own, as my professors don't know jack about IIS and SQL Server configuration and deployment. Anyways, I have Reporting services configured and initialized, and my sharepoint site can be accessed over the web, so I have something setup right. I am having problems though getting the report server to display anything when I navigate to its virtual directory on the web. In IIS it shows all the files being under the directory. My question is, how do I get it so I can have the reports builder or server web accessible? Or the conents accessible. Attached is a screenshot of my IIS manager window. I tried going on technet and the web but so far I seemed lost. I am running this off my home computer with Windows server 2003 Eterprise R2, and SQL Server 2005 Enterprise. I am hoping someone can see my problem, as it is holding up our interface development.


3/12/2009 4:49:39 AM
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 I looked at documentation online, and I think I might have narrowed down my problems, but I still need help. I tried running the stsadm.exe app to add exclusions in sharepoint for the report server, but I couldn't get the commands to run in command prompt like shown in the MS help. Also, I found out that in Management studio I can't login with my report server instance. I am wondering how I can get it to login under the reporting services instance. I am running everything on one computer, so maybe that is causing the problem. I also have server 2008 with sql server 05 running, and I was able to run a sepereate reporting services instance, using the same server. That computer is down because of a power supply failure, but in the meantime I plan to continue with the setup I have now. How can I get it to login under the reporting services instance? It is putting the report server databases under my regular sql server instance, so I don't know if there is some way to get it to read through this route. Anyone know what I should do?


3/12/2009 9:10:45 PM

 First of all for expert help on IIS you can also ask at http://www.iis.net/

For SQL Server, you can also ask at:

To get the initial reporting services admin dialogs up can be difficult. At one site, I had to make the IUSR account a temporary member of local admin in order to get the security dialogs to run.

For Sharepoint questions you can ask at:


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