Error when Deploying and Signing Web Application project with Web Deployment project

I have a Web Application project that needs to be deployed and signed using Web Deployment projects. When I delete the global.ascx file I'm able to do the deployment and sign the output assembly. The error I'm getting without signing the assemblies is "An error occurred when merging assemblies: ILMerge.Merge: The target assembly 'HelloWorld' lists itself as an external reference.” . 

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Global.ascx or .asax?

The usual cause of a signing error is when a reference is not signed.  Is the global.asax.cs or .vb marked as content rather than as a compiled file?  If this was the case then would create a separate temporary assembly for it.  Otherwise it's possible that your global.asax calls code in an unsigned assembly, and if you sign an assembly all its references must also be signed.

4/16/2009 3:59:18 PM

Sorry typo..It's the Global.asax and Global.asax.cs. The Global.asax is mark as content and Global.asax.cs is mark as compile. My options selected in the  Web Deployment project are Merge all outputs to a single assembly, Enable strong naming, and APTCA. Without signing anything, I've noticed that the output assembly  that  web deployment creates cannot be the same name as what is put out before the merge, but this seems to go away after I delete both Global.asax and Global.asax.cs.

4/16/2009 5:05:42 PM

In the web project have you signed the assembly in the project settings?  All the web deployment project should have to do is package up the website, so if the assembly is already signed then that should be OK.  Try signing the assembly in the web application and seeing if it compiles OK with your global.asax in there.

4/17/2009 9:09:53 AM
I tried it your way which is to use the properties of the HelloWorld project to sign the assembly instead of using the web deployment project settings. I also use a different assembly name in the web deployment project because it won't work otherwise. The Web Deployment project outputed two assemblies - HelloWorld.dll and HelloWorld _deploy.dll. I used sn -T to see if these assemblies were sign and HelloWorld _deploy.dll was not. Only HelloWorld.dll was signed.   

I change my web deployment settings to use HelloWorld.dll as my assembly name, which is the same as my main output without web deployment. Deleted my global and the code behind. Readded with the default  Global.asax and Global.asax.cs and compile using Web Deployment. I recieve a compile error - "An error occurred when merging assemblies: ILMerge.Merge: The target assembly 'HelloWorld' lists itself as an external reference."  I tried this again using the default Global.asax file from web site project and not web application project, which doesn't have the code behind - it's all inline. Compile and recieved no errors and there was only one assembly. I never had any success in converting my original Global.asax to use inline so I don’t believe this to be a work around.

4/17/2009 4:01:27 PM

I tried it your way again but this time signing inable in both projects and the results were that both assemblies outputed by Web Deployment were sign. Is it possible to inable APTCA in both projects?

4/20/2009 6:18:58 PM

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