Copying font file to the local client machine


I have an application that generate a report using microsoft word, I am using a spacific type of font and when I run the application I need to copy the file into windows fonts folder in the client machine.

 My code:

before the class begin I declared the following:

<Assembly: RegistryPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum, _


After clicking the Generate btn the font must be loaded:

'--- Function to Add the Font '----

If Not File.Exists("C:\Windows\Fonts\ae_AlBattar.TTF") Then



End If

The error:

Access to the path "C:\Windows\Fonts\ae_AlBattar.TTF" is denied.

Anyone can help please?

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You application has not write permission on the client machine.


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5/4/2009 12:01:44 PM

Of course, but how to create this permission?

How to add the font to the client machine succefully in order to print the word document correctlly?

5/4/2009 1:13:14 PM

I think this part must give me a write permission:

<Assembly: RegistryPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum, _


But it doesn't work fine :(

5/4/2009 1:38:30 PM

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