.Net 2.0 Web application using Vb.net is unable to create object of another dll writen in C# .net 2.0


I habe created one ASP.net web application using Vb.net which is adding reference of dlls written in C# and .net 2.0. But whenever trying to create object of referencing dll, it is throwing error :Object reference does not set to an object. But, locally it is working fine,. In the server i have deployed the .aspx files and dll files in the bin. There were already an web.config in the server which is of .net 1.1. But checked it is retrieving value for that web.config correctly.

Should i have to deply any other files and if not what can be the solution for this? Please help.



9/14/2007 12:55:42 PM
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Does the error specify which line of code is failing? it should point out to you which object cannot be created. What I have experienced is that some components (like third party assemblies) do not create a local copy of the assembly in the bin directory by default so when you deploy the app manually those dlls are not there.  one solution is to go the project references and ensure they are 'copy local=true' for third party components.

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9/14/2007 1:37:23 PM

 You mentioned that the web server is of the 1.1 version of the framework, but the library is version 2.0.  I do not think that the version ASP.NET v1.1 can access v2.0 components.

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9/14/2007 2:04:37 PM

The 1.1 application has benn upgraded to 2.0 version.That solved the problem.

10/5/2007 12:54:28 PM

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