CodeSmith - Use or not to use

Of course it is a matter of preference, but personally I prefer to code our own template and dislike tools like this, like to do a quick poll here to know if many uses it, like to get your feedback on:

(1) Do you use CodeSmith?

(2) Why yes and why not?




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 No, prefer learning on my own.

Rod H
10/20/2008 7:46:42 AM

 >(1) Do you use CodeSmith?

>(2) Why yes and why not?
Never had the opportunity!

I incidentally use ReSharper from Jetbrains, that helps tremendously - it is like intellisence on steroids.

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10/21/2008 8:33:15 PM

CodeSmith is a template engine. You simply just make your own template and go for it. Of course, there are default templates that you -can- use, but I find that pointless. If I want the functionalities of the default templates, I'll use a specialized tool. You can do anything with CodeSmith. Its meant for that.

If you want to do your OWN stuff though, CodeSmith is awesome, since the template engine is great. Another great template engine (though not great enough to get the tool if you don't plan on using the ORM with it) is LLBLGEN Pro. The template IDE is awesome (though the defaults are so good, rarely need to customize the templates)

10/21/2008 8:36:14 PM

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