When to use Static Page Module, HTML Page Module, and Custom Module

I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of using Static pages, the HTML Page Module, and the Custom Module. 

Background:  I'm using the CSK to make an old HTML web site easier to maintain.  I have a bunch of old Photo Galleries (yes, several of them containting hundreds of images) that would take many days to convert to using the Photo Gallery module, so I'm researching ways to convert the old pages that isn't so painful.  I don't care if the new photo galleries (which will use the Photo Gallery module) match the look of the old ones, so converting the core HTML on these pages is good enough for me, at least if it saves me 20 hours of repetitive work. 

Here's what I've tried so far:

* The HTML Page module works... sort of.  I just copy the snippet of HTML into the HTML window and it looks great, except that all my image references are wrong.  They all look like: "../Images/XYZ.jpg" so NO IMAGES are coming in.  I would prefer not to have to modify the image tags (global search/replace tollerated), or import them into the DB, so I'd like to make this work.  Is there a way to do this using the HTML Page module? 

* Becuase of this limitation in the HTML Page module, I started to research the Static Pages option.  Even though it is documented, it doesn't appear in the Section Type list on Add Section page, so I haven't gotten anywhere on that.  Does it actually exist?  How do I make it work? 

* I just started looking at the Custom Module, so I'm not sure how I would use it to solve the problem. 

Any suggestions?  Thanks,


3/30/2005 9:40:00 PM
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Where is the Static Pages documentation you refer to? 

The HTML page module should be fine, but you will need to update all of the links. There is no easy way around this. I would suggest that you could copy the HTML snippets for all ofthe pages into a single text file, then use a good text editor (or even VS.NET) to do a search/replace on the image paths. Then you can paste the HTML into the HTML sections as needed.

Of course, it may also be worth the time to look at converting your old galleries into a more modern database driven system. If the galleries are a prominant part of your site, you can look at nGallery (now part of Community Server by Telligent Systems) or use the CSK's gallery module. The point though is that getting those images, especially when you are talking hundreds of them) into a database will make keeping up with the images and their associated meta-data simpler. Future ports to newer web platforms will certainly be a lot easier.

Stephen M. Redd
4/11/2005 4:19:03 PM
If your images are segregated into physical / distinct directories you may find the Bulk Image Uploader to be a great tool.  It will take a user selectable directory of images and allow you to upload them at one time into a photo gallery section of your choice.  It is a standalone tool (meaning it is a seperate exe (Windows Application).  You can find it here: http://csk.wbcb.com/Downloads/VB+Downloads/241.aspx .  It may change your mind on not wanting to store the images in the db as it can literally upload a hundred images in a matter of seconds vice the time to manually add them. 
-- jody
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4/11/2005 5:56:45 PM

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