Deploying Community Starter Kit to the Web

Dear List Mates,

I downloaded the starter kit, installed it on my production computer, put in some content, and it is working fine, however ...

I can't get it to deploy to the web. I uploaded the database from my production computer MSSQL to my server MSSQL through DTS. I left the entire program on my production computer and just changed the connection string of my config file to the online data base. I've done it before, should have been easy, but I reaceived the standard error message:

No community is configured for .

If this is the first page that you see after installation, then installation has failed. Here are some things to check:
  • The Community Starter Kit must be installed within its own virtual directory
    Open the Internet Services Manager from Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Internet Services Manager and confirm that there is a virtual directory configured for .

  • A community must be configured for the domain
    Click here to configure a community for with the ISP Admin page.
Finally, if all else fails, rerun the Community Starter Kit Setup Wizard located at Start, Programs, ASP.NET Starter Kits, Community Starter Kit, Community Starter Kit Setup Wizard.

For additional help, visit the Community Starter Kit forum at

Any ideas? I was hopping this would be a 10 minute deployment and now it is turning into a 10 hour head ache.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi HawaiiMark,

On the assumption that everything was working on your production system.  When you changed the connection string to point at your remote server SQL database does your local (production) application work?  e.g.,  you switch the connection string to production and it works; then change it to your remote server address and it stops working.

The reason I ask is that we can rule out Virtual Directory being the cause (and it will cause it) if simply changing the connection string breaks it.  

If changing the connection string breaks it then try to run http://yourdomain/ispadmin and ensure the community domain and subdomain are set to asterisks.  It may be easier to simply change the community_domain and community_subdomain fields to asterisks in the Community_Communities table via enterprise manager.

Let us know - we'll get you there - it's worth the trouble!

Bill Kratochvil  Blog  Visit Community Advanced Starter Kit (CASK) 2.3

4/11/2006 3:51:57 AM

Dear List Mates,

Thanks for the interaction. I did check the virtural directory and did find a problem that was unrelated to my above articulated problem. Then I kept on looking and found the what caused my deployment problem. I will explain it here, and my fixes, just in case someone else has this same experience.

My original problem was "worked with using my production computer but when I used my online database connection it crashed." Bottom line, the upload of the database was corrupted, bad database, bad results.

Details: The error message I quoted earlier was a bogus, useless default message and I made no progress until I turned on my errors and debugging.

Problem one: When I uploaded the database, it did not go under "dbo" but under my user login. I tried reinstalling it a bunch of times, did not figure it out. Then I did the slow line by line fix that I found in "SQL Server Books Online." The formula is:

sp_changeobjectowner [ @objname = ] 'object' , [ @newowner = ] 'owner'

I delete the parenthesis [] and put in the name of the user defined functions that were causing the errors, and put in dbo (without the quote marks) as the new owner. I changed each function to dbo and then checked exec and dri in permissions--It worked!! don't fully know why, and I figure there is a more pretty way of fixing it.

The next error was that in my Community_ActivityLog table there was a special code under the date--(getutcdate()) that automatically generated a date. This did not transfer over and thus I received an "unauthorized null" error. Solution, maually put in the code.

Conclusions--the first place to look is the most simple--my last step of uploading the database had bugs.

Lessons for the future: one has to understand database as well as ASPNET. Can't do one without the other, or at least very well.

Thanks for the help. I find that simply forming my question is a good first step. When others start giving answers, that helps me better articulate the question and the combination of advice and looking deeper helps a lot.

Off to a further adventures of getting the rest of the site online, puting the content in, and playing the search engine visibility games. Good to be part of this forum. Write you all soon with another problem, and perhaps even a solution for someone else.

Signing off,

Hawaii Mark

4/11/2006 9:28:08 PM

I've traveled that road also, in the spirit of helping the next guy I would like to present a reliable way to deploy the CSK database.

\Documentation\Installation.htm contains a section "Using the Database Command File, CSKDB.CMD:" in that section you'll find more detailed information about CSKDB.CMD however I'll summarize the usage I use for deploying the CSK database tables.

I first drop to the command prompt (start | run | cmd ) and then change directory to the applicable folder, e.g.,  CD \YourCSKPath\SQL and then execute then CSKDB.CMD with an [Action] of "populate".   This effectively populates the specified database with the applicable tables, stored procedures, etc with the required securities. 

SYNTAX: CSKDB.CMD [Server], [Database], [Login], [Password], [Action], [CSKUserName], [CSKUserPwd]

With that done I then DTS the data from my development system to the production server replacing the existing data.  I havn't had issues using this method.



Bill Kratochvil  Blog  Visit Community Advanced Starter Kit (CASK) 2.3

4/12/2006 3:30:59 AM

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