want to call a function of c#.net from javascript

hi everyone.

i want to call a function of c#.net from javascript.

and i also want to pass an argument from javascript to  that function.

can anyone help me?

thanks in advance.





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6/26/2008 9:53:39 AM
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Can you be more precise about the effect you're trying to achieve?

6/26/2008 10:03:00 AM

 Explain you requirements , what you want to achieve be this

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Muhammad Rizwan Javed
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6/26/2008 10:04:36 AM

Hi Try this,

U'r Codebehind would be like this as follows..

public string SetDisplay(string sText)


return sText;


U'r JavaScript would be like this as follows......

var vCaller = '<%=SetDisplay("Sample Text") %>';


Hope this helps,


6/26/2008 12:48:01 PM

If you want to really "call" a C# function, then consider using AJAX with web services. Here's the tutorial to guide you:


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6/26/2008 2:49:04 PM


i tried this but its not working.

it shows me blank in alert.

do u have any other solution?




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6/27/2008 7:14:48 AM

implement callback mechanism. search in google with the topic "callback in .net". you will find very good articles.


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6/27/2008 7:52:39 AM

i had tried once like this :

This worked for me.

on aspx page

 <asp:TextBox ID="lblhidGeneralContractorID1" AutoPostBack="true" runat="server" OnPreRender="lblhidGeneralContractorID_ValueChanged"></asp:TextBox>



on aspx.cs  file


protected void lblhidGeneralContractorID_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
     ////Manage your code here/////////////////



6/27/2008 1:27:57 PM
6/27/2008 2:28:37 PM


Add ScriptManager

<asp:ScriptManager runat="server" ID="ScriptManager1" EnablePageMethods="true"></asp:ScriptManager>

 <input id='Button1' type='button'  value='Go To Server Using AJAX' onclick='return CallJavascript();' />


function CallJavascript()

    var firstName = 'Justin';
    PageMethods.CallCSharpMethod(firstName ,OnSuccessCallCSharpMethod);
    return false;

function OnSuccessCallCSharpMethod(strFromServer)

code behind of aspx page (not in ascx if usercontrol is used)

using System.Web.Services

public static string  CallCSharpMethod(string firstName )

    return firstName + ' Manjooran';





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6/28/2008 2:28:06 AM


i tried this  but i got the javascript error pagemethod is undefined.

i make the pagemethod enable in script manager.

do u have any idea abt this,




In a day when don't come across any problem -you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path
6/28/2008 3:40:17 AM

this error usually occurs when

1. <asp:ScriptManager runat="server" ID="ScriptManager1" EnablePageMethods="true"></asp:ScriptManager>

2. Some error in the WebMethod Called

    return firstName + " Manjooran";

use  " insted of  '

Since WebMethod is static function please remember to stop Development server and run again if some change in WebMethod is done


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6/28/2008 6:16:29 AM
Hi shweta.parikh
Please check the following thread, his question is same to yours:
want to call a function of c#.net from javascript
Generally speaking the ways to achieve:

1.       using AJAX with web services


2.       implement callback mechanism


3.       put a button in your page, and set its style="display:none", write your C# function in the button’s onclick event, then you can call it on client-side by:

4.       Using a HttpHandler and Attributes to call C# methods in Javascript, you can find the way in Michael Schwarz’s blog:
If I’ve misunderstood your problem, please feel free to let me know.


Lance Zhang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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7/1/2008 3:21:34 AM

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