Storing the checked Htmlimputcheckbox values on client side and passing to server side on submit button clicked

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 I've got these bunch of HtmlInputcheckboxes that i'm creating dynamically using div.innerhtml on server side and putting it in a <TD> block, calculate averages etc. Things are working fine until this point. Now i need to get all the checked checkboxes and their values(which are dates in my case) and pass these values back to server side for processing on the submit button click. But i'm using a pagefooter submit button to fire my submit button so i cannot directly pass these values to my submit button onclick method. I tried to use the findcontrol method on my code behind as i set my htmlinputcheckbox runat=server but i couldn't access the checkboxes on my code behind(VB) i was trying to see if i can find a way to do it on client side and pass the dates array back to server. Any suggestions are welcome. Also any of you had a situation where you'd to use both javascript coding and serverside coding for any server controls? or do lots of javascritping and access their checked property in codebehind? Pls let me know how you did it as far i see i can do it using registerscriptblock etc but my javascript function would be too long to embed in the string variable. Pls advise


I tried using the asp server checkboxes but for some reason they're not showing up in my dynamically created table. Thanks a lot


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The easiest way is to add the runat="Server" property to each control and the control will then be able to be accessed server-side.


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But even after i've done that i'm unable to access them on the server side prob because i've written out innerHtml for building the page and the controls. Pls advise.



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This should work for you, using ASP.NET dynamic CheckBoxes.

// aspx file

<form id="Form1" method="post" runat="server">
 <asp:PlaceHolder id="PlaceHolder1" runat="server"></asp:PlaceHolder>

// aspx.cs file

protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.PlaceHolder PlaceHolder1;

private int _numberOfCheckboxes = 10;

protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
 // CODEGEN: This call is required by the ASP.NET Web Form Designer.


protected virtual void CreateCheckBoxes()
 // Clear out the PlaceHolder...

 // Create a new Table...
 HtmlTable htmlTable = new HtmlTable();
 htmlTable.Width = "300px";
 htmlTable.Border = 0;
 htmlTable.CellSpacing = 1;

 for (int i=0; i<_numberOfCheckboxes; i++)
  // Create a new TableRow...
  HtmlTableRow htmlTableRow = new HtmlTableRow();

  // Create a new TableCell...
  HtmlTableCell htmlTableCell = new HtmlTableCell();
  // Create a new CheckBox...
  CheckBox checkBox = new CheckBox();

  // Create a unique ID for the CheckBox...
  checkBox.ID = "CheckBox_" + i.ToString();

  // Add the text to the CheckBox...
  checkBox.Text = "#" + i.ToString();

  // Add the CheckBox to the TableCell...

  // Add some other properties to the TableCell...
  htmlTableCell.ColSpan = 4;
  htmlTableCell.Width = "300px";
  htmlTableCell.NoWrap = true;

  // Add the TableCell to the TableRow...

  // Add the TableRow to the Table...

 // Add the Table to the PlaceHolder...

private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
 if ( this.IsPostBack )
  // Read the current values of the CheckBoxes...

  for (int i=0; i<_numberOfCheckboxes; i++)
   string checkBoxId = "CheckBox_" + i.ToString();
   Control controlRef = this.FindControl(checkBoxId);

   if ( controlRef != null )
    CheckBox checkBox = (CheckBox)controlRef;
    Response.Write("#" + i.ToString() + " Checked = " + checkBox.Checked + "<br>");


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