Selected value in select list with javascript based off value in database

 I've got a classic asp page with a select list. I need the select list's selected value to be whatever the user selected when they created their account. I've been trying to use <body onLoad="onLoad();"> to call my function, and then I'm trying to specify which value should be selected in the function. Also, when the select list selected values change, there is a javascript function I call to disable text boxes.

 I think there is an issue with my javascript function, and I can't find any examples of this from good ole' google. 


My js: 

   <script type='text/javascript'>
                function onLoad()
                    var listSelected = document.getElementById('listBankType');
                        for (var i = 0; i < listSelected.length; i++)
               document.getElementById("listBankType").options[i].selected="<%=rs.fields("bankTypeID")%>"  //bankTypeID: values in select list 1=bank 2=vault

function Disable()
        var selObj=document.getElementById("selectList");    //get the object
        var index=selObj.selectedIndex;                      //get the selected index
        var selText=selObj.options[index].text;              //get the selected value
        if(selText == "Bank")                                //check whether it is a Bank

        if(selText == "Vault")//check whether it is a Vault
        if(selText == "Select")//check whether it's on Select
    function load()
        alert("Test works!!!!!!");



Select List:

 <body onLoad="onLoad();">

 <select id="listBankType" name="listBankType" onchange="Disable();">
                 <option value="1">Bank</option>
                 <option value="2">Vault</option>


 Can the issue be that I'm checking the values 1 or 2 from my select list against: document.getElementById("listBankType").options[i].selected ? Should I be looking for the actual words of Bank and Vault?



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document.getElementById("listBankType").options[i].selected takes a true/false value. Also, I doubt if "<%=rs.fields("bankTypeID")%>" is going to iterate through the entire recordset, so is probably always going to be the same value, so basically you are setting the selected property to the same value.

Maybe this is more what you are looking for?

<script type="text/javascript">
function onLoad()
 var listSelected = document.getElementById('listBankType');
 var searchValue = '<%= rs.fields("bankTypeID") %>';

 for (var i=0; i<listSelected.options.length; i++)
  if ( listSelected.options[i].value == searchValue )
   listSelected.options[i].selected = true;
// -->


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Sorry, must have been confusing...

"<%=rs.fields("bankTypeID")%>" is actually supposed to be only one value. This page is like an edit user info page. The select list shows gives the user the option to either select bank or vault. I want the page to set whichever value the user selected when they created the account to be the value selected in the edit page. "<%=rs.fields("bankTypeID")%>" is how the value that the user originally selected is stored in the databse.



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Well then what I posted should work for you. If you will have more than one selected item (multi-select select element), remove the break statement.



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