Passing variable between client side and server side

For example,how do I pass the return value of the confirm("whatever") to the server side? Or the opposite way. 

I want to use a cookie to do is. Can some one give me hint.

 Much appreciate your help.




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you can use ajax,javascript and cookies also.


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8/10/2007 4:27:13 PM

In the aspx file:
 <input type="hidden" id="confirmAnswer" name="confirmAnswer" runat="server">

That adds this to the aspx.cs file:
 protected System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlInputHidden confirmAnswer;

Then add to the Page_Load event handler:

string scriptString = "<script language=JavaScript>\n";

// Store the confirm's return in the hidden control...
scriptString += "document.getElementById('" + confirmAnswer.ClientID + "').value = confirm('Overwrite?');\n";

// Do a new PostBack...
scriptString += GetPostBackEventReference(confirmAnswer, string.Empty) + ";\n";

scriptString += "</script>\n";

RegisterStartupScript("ConfirmScript", scriptString);

if ( IsPostBack && Request["__EVENTTARGET"] == confirmAnswer.ClientID )
     // Response.Write("confirmAnswer.Value: " + confirmAnswer.Value);

     if ( confirmAnswer.Value == "true" )
          // User answered OK
          // User answered Cancel

confirmAnswer.Value = string.Empty;


8/10/2007 4:31:30 PM

you can use ajax,javascript and cookies also.

Wow, very helpful!! Hmm


Why would you need the answer to confirm on server-side?  If you provide us some details about what you are trying to do, then we can provide the best answer possible.  Thanks...

Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
8/10/2007 4:42:04 PM

I have to do a confirm() right before the page is loaded( I will ask if the user wants to load some old settings).

I used javascript over api messagebox because the api message do not pop up on top of the current page sometime. (This page that calls confirm is redirect by a link button which is inside a materpage. If the master page do not have focus, messagebox show up on the taskbar.)


Is their a better way to do this?

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8/10/2007 8:03:12 PM

Set up an ASP.NET button like this, and in the code-behind for this button load your old settings, etc:

    <asp:Button ID="btnOldSettings" runat="server" style="display:none;" />

And this in your Page_Load:

    Dim strScript String = "if(confirm('Reload old settings?')) "
    strScript += "document.getElementById('" & btnOldSettings.ClientID & "').click();"
    ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "confirmScript", strScript, True)
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Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
8/10/2007 8:12:37 PM

This is a good idea, but when I try to use it, it's telling me document.getitembyId is null or not a object??????

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8/10/2007 8:40:41 PM

Make sure you are using the correct ID for the button.  I used "btnOldSettings" in my example.

Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
8/13/2007 1:54:43 PM


<asp:Button ID="btnOldSettings" runat="server" style="display:none;" />

And this in your Page_Load:

    Dim strScript String = "if(confirm('Reload old settings?')) "
    strScript += "document.getElementById('" & btnOldSettings.ClientID & "').click();"
    ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "confirmScript", strScript, True)


I used the same code but in c#. What does the &s do in ('" & btnOldSettings.ClientID & "')?

Here is what I put in page load:(I used your code in aspx file)

string str = "<script language=JavaScript>";

str += "var ret = confirm(\"Do you want to load old filter?\");";

str += "if (ret == true)";

str += "{";

str += "document.getElementById(btnOldSettings.ClientID).click();";

str += "} ";

str += "</" + "script>";

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Page.GetType(), "confirmScript", str);


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8/13/2007 3:16:46 PM

There's your problem.  "&" is used as a string concatenation in VB.  Fix:

    str += "document.getElementById('" + btnOldSettings.ClientID + "').click();"

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Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
8/13/2007 3:29:15 PM

I made the correction, but it's still telling me that the button is undefined. Does it matter where I am puting the button?(I put it just after the form tag).

I used a linked button to forward to this page.

 Thanks for your help

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8/13/2007 3:53:15 PM

NO WAY!  You must be missing the apostrophes in my sample above.  Copy and paste it.  There is no way you can still get the same error!

Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
8/13/2007 3:59:40 PM

Ya, you are right.

Thank you very much.

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8/13/2007 5:03:27 PM

Sure, glad you got your problem solved!  Please mark the helpful replies as Answer for the benefit of future readers.  Thanks!!

Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
8/13/2007 5:05:44 PM

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