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On my web page I have a button which runs some code to update values. At the start of this code in the code behind I'd like to open another web page and another at the end of the updates but I can't work out how I do that. I've gota javascript statement on my client side code, do I need to do something similar on the code behind ?

Thanks for any help. 

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I assume someone clicks on the button on page 1?

Button1.Attributes.Add("onclick", "'Page2.aspx','popWin','width=300px,height=200px');")

2/28/2008 5:24:30 PM

There is no way to open a web page server-side. The best that you can do is render the page, or handle an event, calling the client-side function.


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It is not possible server-side to physically open the page. But it is possible to register a startup script using ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript that will call and launch the new window after your click event. 

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try the below one....

protected void btn_click(.......)


//   You code for update...



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2/29/2008 5:33:10 AM

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