On selecting value in second listbox. selected value in first textbox is lost



 Hello all,

 In a webapplication , I have to store the selected values in hidden fields with following code  <INPUT type="hidden" name="hidPatient" value="">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="hidPatientStatus" value="">

 when i select the value in any list box following javascript function is called with this code


Response.Write "<SELECT id=" & strSelName & " name=" & strSelName & " validation=" & strValidation & " displaytype=select fetchfieldid='" & strFieldNameID & "' fetchfieldname='" & strFieldName & "' TableName='" & strDisplayTableName & "' fieldname='" & strDisplayFieldName & "' multiple style='height:100px' ; onChange='javascript:getMyfunc();' "+">"

function getMyfunc()---->Javascript function



var strSelValueP = document.frmReports.selPatientAndDoctorLastName.value//options[intSelIndexP].value

document.frmReports.hidPatient.value = strSelValueP

var strSelValueS = document.frmReports.selStatusStatus.value

document.frmReports.hidPatientStatus.value = strSelValueS



and values are stored with the following code

strPatient = Request.Form("hidPatient")

strPatientStatus = Request.Form("hidPatientStatus")


With above situation I want both values selected from both listbox at once. but when i select Patient(First) listbox I lost the selected value in Stautus listbox(second) and  vise versa.

Please suggest  to get both the values from both listbox without loosing after selection.

Actualy  item in listboxes does not remain selected after postback 

I have enabled runat="server" and enableviewstate="true "

 still problem not resolved 


12/11/2007 7:29:46 AM
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Response.write wrotes the text out of Hirerchy of HTML

Instead try using literalcontrol set its text or inner html property to the text your trying render


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