Modifing javascript to use server controls instead of using html controls

Hi, I use a Javascript to create a textbox that converts English to Hindi text. I am using it in my aspx pages. I use another javascript to access the Text of this HTML textbox.

 Everything is fine when I use Single TextBox on a page. But the complexities go out of my control when i need to use 5 such textboxes on the same aspx page. Moreover I encounter issues of ID of ASP.NET controls that get changed as there are ContentPlaceHolders, TabPanels etc.

I don't know the javascript things so deeply that I can comprehend the code that generates the custom Textbox.

Now I need some help so that I can use this Javascript to modify an ASP.NET TextBox which could behave the same way as the TextBox generated by this script. Should I paste the script here?

Any Helps?

Arpit Khandelwal
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hi arpit

ya i understand your problem.

if you post your code i will help you.

Associate Software Engineer,
Zillion Information Systems,
8/22/2008 11:35:19 AM
Arpit Khandelwal
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8/22/2008 11:38:41 AM


i think your coading have simply one mistake i didn't go through the full

if you use contentplaceholder the txtbox id is changed while retriving throug java script

first you can create a simple client side Onkeypress function for text box and you pass that object like OnKeyPress=" return Find(this)" like these

you got a objoect in client side and you got a ID of this object like this

function Find(Ctrl)


 var a=;

//here you can get a Id correctly you can continue your work


if it's answer mark as a answer

Associate Software Engineer,
Zillion Information Systems,
8/22/2008 11:53:27 AM

 thats really not my problem at all...

All i want to say is this script works fine to create a textbox with certain behaviour

I want it to make an existing textbox (of course ASP.NET Textbox) with the same behavious. Thats all i want

Arpit Khandelwal
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That way future readers will know which post solved your issue.
8/22/2008 12:02:37 PM

You cannot create an ASP:TextBox client-side since by then it is already rendered. You could however attach an event to one:

<asp:textbox id="TextBox1" onkeydown="return someJavaScriptFunction();" runat="server"></asp:textbox>

Note that I attached the event handler in the HTML declaration. This will work, but will produce a compiler warning. The proper way to do this for a server control is in the Page_Load handler of the server-side code like this:
 TextBox1.Attributes.Add("onkeydown", "return someJavaScriptFunction();");


8/25/2008 3:30:00 PM

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