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 I received from vendor few cab files that need to be placed on my client side of ASP.NET pages and the full specs of functions/methods to be called. All clear here. But!

How do I create an <OBJECT> tag? How to retrieve all Params? Cab Version? All I have - cab files. I am using VS2008. Thought there is a tool in it but can not find... Should I go to regedit to find CLSID? What about param's?

<object id="MYNAME" classid= "CLSID:????" codebase= "mycabFile.CAB#version=1,13,0,0">
    <param name= "???" value="">


thank you!

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<OBJECT ID="fpBoolean1" CLASSID="CLSID:DD55D143-EBF7-11D0-8810-0000C0E5948C" CODEBASE=""> <PARAM NAME="BorderStyle" VALUE="0"> <PARAM NAME="BorderColor" VALUE="-2147483642"> <PARAM NAME="BorderWidth" VALUE="1"> <PARAM NAME="BooleanStyle" VALUE="0"> <PARAM NAME="TextFalse" VALUE="FarPoint Boolean"> </OBJECT>

The tag has the following parameters:

ID=     A name for the object. The name should be unique among all other objects on the page.
CLASSID=     A class ID number. Every ActiveX control has a unique class ID that was encoded into it during development. The browser uses this number to determine which control to load.

This number must be exactly correct or the control will not load. Thus, it is preferable to cut and paste these numbers into your object tag or to use a tool such as the ActiveX Control Pad to insert them. For more information, see "Using the ActiveX Control Pad."
CODEBASE=     URL referring to where the ActiveX control can be acquired. When the page is loaded into the user's system, the browser checks the registry to determine if the system has the ActiveX control referenced by the CLASSID. If it does, then the local copy is used. Otherwise, the browser attempts to download the control from the URL designated by the CODEBASE tag.

For details on the intricacies of code downloading, see Microsoft's code download specification.
PARAM NAME="x" VALUE="y"     Optional parameters to set properties of the ActiveX control when it is loaded. Each is expressed as a property NAME and a VALUE to set it to. Once the control is loaded, it is given these property settings by the browser. Which settings are supported depends on the ActiveX control.
DATA=     An optional parameter providing binary data that sets properties and provides information about the control.

Close the object tag using the (</OBJECT>) tag after the parameter list.



hope it helps

Avinash Tiwari

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