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Hi all,
 I have an app that uses the ASP.NET AJAX Modal Popup Extender for editing data.  Currently the date field text boxes are using the AJAX Calendar Extender for usablity, but I would like to change these fields to use the jQuery DatePicker UI.  However, when I attempt to use the jQuery option, the date picker popups up behind the modal being displayed, making it unusable.  I have tried to adjust the z-Index for both the modal control and the modify the jQuery CSS theme's z-Index, but niether fixed the problem.  Any suggestions?
Ryan A.
5/1/2009 4:29:04 PM
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HI ryguy61  
Actually, we don't suggest you use other AJAX frameworks and ASP.Net Ajax on the same site or on the same page.
Because of the architecture of these two Ajax client libraries is different. If you mix them up together, the different architectures may generate JavaScript conflict.
In this scenario, I suggest you use CalendarExtendar instead of jQuery DatePicker:

Lance Zhang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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5/4/2009 7:04:17 AM

That is completely do-able, there is one issue however.  The CalendarExtender controls are using a image calendar as the PopupControlId, instead of the actual textbox it is bound to.  When you click on the calendar image the calendar pops, however to hide the claendar you either have to select on a date or click on the image that the calendar is using to pop up.  Is there a way to create an "OnBlur" event to hide the calendar if the user clicks outside of the calendar being displayed?
Ryan A.
5/4/2009 6:09:19 PM

Hi ryguy61,
I suggest you to use free javascript calendar like
It will not conflict with AJAX Framework library the way jQyery use of $ conflicts.

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Parth Patel
Techsture Technologies
Software Developer
5/5/2009 5:03:52 AM