How to upload file without using file control...???


I have List of file path of Client. say "C:/WordDoc/Document1.doc". Now i want to upload this file to server.
I dont want to use File Upload or Input File HTLM Control. Only i have is Path in some lable or text box.

Now, How to upload this file from client to server? I dont have idea on it.

Java has Third party API for uploading but i dont have idea on it.

Can one help me on it.

Whether some ActiveX or API avialble to do so.

Thank You In Advance...!!!



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I can't see any worthwhile reason to not use the FileUpload control, but.....

Hope this helps!

Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
3/23/2007 2:59:20 PM

Check this out: Any problems just say it, I've done it before! 

Best regards,
David Ribeiro
3/24/2007 2:35:50 PM

Check this out: Any problems just say it, I've done it before!

Nice ego, and that link was totally irrelevant to this guy's issue Hmm

Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
3/24/2007 4:54:04 PM

Check this out: Any problems just say it, I've done it before!

Nice ego, and that link was totally irrelevant to this guy's issue Hmm

Oh really useless!!!!


Here it goes, sorry, thought it was on that post:

Put this on the top:

using System.IO;

using System.Web.Security; //(not sure about this one) 


And then:

if (fileUpload.HasFile) / If the file upload has file
                    type= System.IO.Path.GetExtension(fileUpload.FileName).ToLower(); //This allows you to get the type of file
                    if (type == ".exe" || tipo == ".rar" || tipo == ".zip" || tipo == ".tar") //Just to filter the type I want to allow

                            string path = Server.MapPath("MyFolder"); //This is the name of my path (Located on the appfolder/MyFolder)
                   //getDataString is a custom method which returns the actual date as 20_01_2007_01_01_23 (substitutes the "/" for "_"to concatenate on                    //the file name to save

                    string fileUp = "_dwnlds_"+ getDataString(); //The name of my file

                            ficheiroUpload.PostedFile.SaveAs(path + "\\" +fileUp + type); //Save the file on the directory with the extension

                            file = fileUp + type; //Just a string, to save on my DB

                        catch (Exception ex) { warningLabel.Text = ex.ToString(); } //Warn the user of an error
                        n++; //Just a flag for me


Is you noticed this refers to a download page, so I call the file as dwnlds, and concatenate the date and time, to keep it like this:



This way you can save surely dynamic different file names, and is harder for the user to type the file URL by hand on the browser. Use the tip!This time, hope it really helps!!!Anything don't hesitate! 

Best regards,
David Ribeiro
3/24/2007 6:47:34 PM

I can't see any worthwhile reason to not use the FileUpload control, but.....

Hope this helps!

Because you are limited by various IIS settings, adjustment of which can muck with your session behavior(expiration, request timeouts) and all sorts of things.  Just for kicks, try uploading a file locally over 4mb to localhost and watch it fail.  There's no pretty solution floating around that is secure that doesn't involve a download to the client, which most folks can't do.  That's why there are Java solutions, because most users don't have it restricted.
Does your team use the VSIP toolkit or maybe have the bulk of your app factored down to patterns and generators? Do you need in-house controls that will make your current vendors blush? If so, we need to talk.
3/24/2007 10:06:35 PM
Jonathon, first of all I would never allow for the upload of anything over 4MB anyways.  And if I needed to, I could change the maxRequestLength in web.config very easily.
Josh Stodola ← Come check out my blog!
3/24/2007 10:28:22 PM

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