How to display a client-side confirm dialog box if the user clicks on the first row in my datagrid

I could n implement that, this what I tried:

I define my datagrid with :  <ItemTemplate> <a id="MenuItem".......><%#container............>  pls check my aspx html code bellow.

Thn, In the ItemDataBound event handler of my datagrid, I test if

e.Item.ItemIndex=0, if so, I create an object of type control and assign it to e.item.controls(0) , then I try to add the client side property: atributes(....) to that control.

The pb is: the control object that I create doesn t take the client property :  attributes(“onclick”)=….

My question is:  What type are my <a href …> tags and how can I refer to them in  my code behind. How can I create a control that I assign to that tag so that I can add the attributes(“onclick”) property. What type is it gonna be behind the code?

  <%@ Control Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" Codebehind="MenuLeft.ascx.vb" Inherits="WebApplication3.Menu_Left" TargetSchema="" %>

<asp:datagrid BorderWidth="0" GridLines="None" CellSpacing="10" id="dgMenuLeft" Height="0" AutoGenerateColumns="False"

            Runat="server" ShowHeader="False">

            <AlternatingItemStyle VerticalAlign="Top"></AlternatingItemStyle>




                                        <a id="MenuItem" href='Matrix_portal.aspx?command=<%#container.dataitem("menuURL")%>'>







thanks a lot for your help

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your taking the time to help me.
6/20/2006 2:27:13 PM 24353 articles. 2 followers. Follow

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you just need to find the control on eact data bound item.

Check this article for help


If you need more help shout

SteveF MCP
.Net Consultant
6/20/2006 2:53:32 PM
thanks a lot

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your taking the time to help me.
6/22/2006 2:57:55 PM
I built a LinkButton buttoncolumn instead of <a...>  tag
then I do in Mydatagrid.itemdatabound handler: 
if e.itemindex=0 then
ctype(e.item.cells(0).controls(0),LinkButton).attributes("onclick")= "confirm return('do u want to confirm?');"

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your taking the time to help me.
6/30/2006 9:23:06 PM

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