How to convert a String into a UTF8 String

I want to convert a normal String into a UTF8 String

for example:
myString = Büro
myUTF8String = Büros

 I dont know how to do this.

In PHP you can do this with myUTF8String = utf8_encode(myString)

Thank you for all hints!

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try this

string test ="ÁÉÍÓÚ áéíóú àèìòù äëïöü Ññ €";

byte[] a= System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(test);

string test2= System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(a);


Best Regards,
Sebastián Dopico
Blog Desarrollador
12/3/2006 12:37:48 AM

Thank you Sebastián!

If I make it like that - test2 looks the same as test.

But I think my problem is solved. (Someone told me that UTF8 is standard in an ASPX file.)

The result of my page should be a text like it is in an XML File.

<loadOnDemand> true </loadOnDemand>
<cachePages> true </cachePages>
<userGroup> Büro </userGroup>
<preloaderType> Progress Bar </preloaderType>

And Flash will take variables from that side, and the special characters must be converted.
But the special characters are known in the Flash file. So I think there is no problem anymore!

But BIG thanks for your help!!

12/3/2006 11:58:49 AM

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