how to call java script function in ?

I have working with grid view and get records from database if the records exceding 1000 then I need to display confirm dialog box through javascript ? if click ok then it will display the records in gridview

and if click cancel then it will create a message into label .


want to know where to call java script function on the button that will display this javascript dialog.

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try this...

//Code to get the datasource dataset ds

if(ds.Tables[0].Rows.count > 0)





and you Js should be...

function ShowGridOrLabel()


    if(confirm("Are you sure you want ot show grid") == true)











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4/19/2008 11:11:49 AM

I want to know about that


I need to check some boolean value either "true" or "false" from this statement


and then on this boolean value I will check the condition.and apply different code. 




4/21/2008 12:21:16 PM

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