How to access all the methods of server controls and infragistics controls from client-side javascript.

I have some web controls on my page, which i want to manipulate without going to the server, that is, from a client-side javascript. I know how to call them with the documents.forms.... but i do not know how to call their methods. 
For the text box, the method to manipulate it is 'value'. It's a property i think. for the html <select> it is the 'options' array. But for the others, I dont know.

My question is the following:

I have an infragistics control: the UltraWebTree.
This is its code in html: 

<ignav:ultrawebtree id="UltraWebTree1" style="Z-INDEX: 108; LEFT: 352px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 24px"
    runat="server" Height="112px" Width="150px" ExpandImage="ig_treePlus.gif" Indentation="20" ImageDirectory="/ig_common/images/"
    WebTreeTarget="HierarchicalTree" Cursor="Default" CollapseImage="ig_treeMinus.gif">
     <ignav:Node Text="Root Node">
       <ignav:Node Text="Child Node"></ignav:Node>
       <ignav:Node Text="Child Node"></ignav:Node>
     <ignav:Node Text="Root Node"></ignav:Node>
    <SelectedNodeStyle ForeColor="White" BackColor="Navy"></SelectedNodeStyle>
     <ignav:Level Index="0"></ignav:Level>
     <ignav:Level Index="1"></ignav:Level>

Now i want to be able to add nodes dynamically from a client side javascript. Can you please tell me how to do that.
Note that i already know how to access the tree from javascript: document.forms[0].UltraWebTree1. But I do not know how to add nodes to it.
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