how do i get selectedValue of drop down list server side if i am populating it using client side javascript?

 Hi All.

I am populating a drop down list client side using: The drop down list is populated based on a selection of another drop down list.

ddlList.options[i] = new Option(1,2); as an example

The populating is done as i need it to. However, a button click event i am trying to get the selectedValue of the ddlList. However, it doesn't give me it. It only gives me the selectedValue of the drop down list on first rendering.

Any ideas on how i can get it?

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 Could You paste some code? That would be helpful.


S@ss (Shashi Shekhar Singh)

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6/27/2008 2:10:39 PM

I did it using hidden variable. But my question is, is it possible to write javascript server side and get a result from some code and assign it to a server side variable? is that possible? 

6/27/2008 2:56:38 PM


I did it using hidden variable. But my question is, is it possible to write javascript server side and get a result from some code and assign it to a server side variable? is that possible? 



As far as I know, that is not possible, but you wouldn't really call me an expert... so..... 


S@ss (Shashi Shekhar Singh)

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6/28/2008 9:44:06 AM

You may want to check out the AjaxControlToolkit Cascading Dropdown Control. 


Maybe it might solve the issue you are facing.


S@ss (Shashi Shekhar Singh)

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6/28/2008 9:48:45 AM

Please try this out

Suppose  ddlList rendered as ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ddlList

Since you filled ddlList using javascript some alteration happened to  ddlList id in ViewState

DropDownList ddlListObj  =  new  Page.FindControl("ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$ddlList") as DropDownList;

 now you may get its value in server side using ddlListObj.SelectedValue

Hope this helps


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6/29/2008 7:10:03 PM

You would need to repopulate the DDL server-side since the items are being changed client-side. Here is a complete example of filling a DDL client-side from another DDL and persisting the values server-side. You would need to do something very similar.


6/30/2008 3:23:52 PM

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