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i am developing a website for my employer which required an ONLINE LIVE CHAT SUPPORT system to manage the customers. I have 2 questions.

The Scenario of this chat system is below.

"there will be some chat agents that will log in to their Panel and will be available to chat once they are logged in. the customer will click 'Chat Now' from the website, and a request will be sent to all Chat Agents. the system has to manage all the chat agents in a queue, and any 1st available chat agent will than chat with the customer. All the chat session will be saved in log file, either txt or html etc. The admin can monitor the chat, can read the chat logs etc."

Question # 1
This is what my employer wants from me with in 1 week [:-s] how can i achieve this in also, suggest me if there is any free open source available for me to modify for my website.

Question # 2
Suppose, a user clicks on 'Chat Now' on the website and a request comes to a Chat Agent. now if Chat agent double clicks the Customer name from the list available on his side, how can i open a pop up or a new window on the customer side automatically with only customer and Chat agent in it? can it be through session or any better option available for it? also the window can be minimized, maximized etc. the logs on every message should be written and updated on the back end, which could be a database or a text file.

Please, Suggest me with your expert knowledge.

Thank You.



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Hi Jigzy 

If you want use ASP.NET to build a chat application, I would like to suggest you try to check the following articles with examples:
 Building an AJAX based chat room in ASP.NET

Simple chat application for ASP.NET

Build a Web Chat Application using ASP.Net 3.5, LINQ and AJAX (in C# 3.5 or VB 9.0)

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And if you want to add the third-party Chat application to your web, I would like to suggest you check the following site which provides the service:
Gabbly Chat:



Lance Zhang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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