divs not appearing side by side

 Hi All,

I have two divs, both have css float left. but they are not appearing side by side in firefox, in ie it's fine. the first div is larger than the second. but there is no size set on either.


Any ideas?

12/17/2008 10:58:20 AM
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Hi aspd,

My suggestion would be to stay away from floats due to how the render cross browser.

if you use the css display attribute you can handle the same thing like so:


1    #leftDiv
2    {
3       display: -moz-inline-block;
4       display: inline-block;
5    }
6    *:first-child + html #leftDiv
7    {
8       display: inline;
9    }
11   #rightDiv
12   {
13      display: -moz-inline-block;
14      display: inline-block;
15   }
16   *:first-child + html #rightDiv
17   {
18      display: inline;
19   }
Happy Coding,


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12/17/2008 8:56:45 PM

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