Client-side values to server-side ?


My previous query is attached below:

I have implemented the below mentioned implementation . 'listbox1' on 'webform1' shows all the values from 'webform2'. I have implemented it using javascript. I would like to know that to implement validation on 'webform1', I would require the values of 'listbox1' ,which are on the client-side , to move to the server-side . I think sending a querystring will be fine but how to implement it using javascript and code-behind(C#)?

Your suggestion will be appreciated.

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My previous query:

" I am stuck with a problem. I am working with Visual Studio.NET 2003 in C#.



I have a webform (say webform1) on which many textboxes,dropdownlists etc are present. One of them is a listbox(listbox1) control which is blank . By the side of it there is a button (Button1). The user should fill up some textboxes etc (which are above the listbox1) before clicking the 'Button1'. After clicking the 'Button1' , a 'webform2' opens.


In 'webform2', there are two listboxes: 'listbox2' and 'listbox3' and 2 buttons: 'button2' and 'button3' .

Now, when the user chooses values in 'listbox2' and presses 'button2' , 'listbox3' should fill up with values. When the user chooses values in 'listbox3' and then clicks 'button3' then 'webform2' should close and the values selected in 'listbox2' and 'listbox3' should be combined as :

listbox2 value(listbox3 value)

and should be displayed in 'listbox1' in 'webform1'. Here, care should be taken so that 'webform1' doesn't lose values previously entered by user."

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Hi pp,

You would have to use AJAX.

Good Coding!

Javier Luna


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9/9/2006 4:28:13 PM
The easy way is simply to assign the values to some hidden input fields, which you can do from javascript and then request serverside.

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