Client side to execute server side code

I am maintaining an ASP.NET C# application written by someone else.  I am essentially a newbie to web development especially client side stuff.  Based on reading these forums I understand that I can't directly call a server side method from the client side and I have to use post pack in some way (using a webservice is not an option here).  My confusion comes from the HTML setup being used.

The page has three frames; a header, body and footer.  Each frame is filled by it's own ASPX page.  The footer contains buttons for navigating to another page and some of the body ASPX pages contain buttons for saving the data.  The goal is to 'autosave' the data in the body when a user clicks a button in the footer this way clicking the save button isn't necessary.  So my questions are:
Can the buttons in the footer frame do a post back for the save buttons in the body frame?  Is there special addressing syntax needed for the javascript to see across frames?

Can I test for the existence of a Save button in the body frame to determine if a post back is necessary?

I suppose if this is possible, I have to handle an 'onClick' for each footer button to call a javascript that does the Save button post back.

I hope this made sense and thanks in advance for the help.

- John Mer
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it is possible. you will have to do some cross-frame javascript but it should be simple.

first, for checking if the save button exists, you can do something like this (say, the id for the button is btnSave)

if (document.getElementById('btnSave') != undefined) {
   //save document

this code will only execute if Javascript can find the button.

Now, regarding the cross frame javascript, you need to follow the guidelines of the document object model (DOM). basically, each frameset belongs to a parent page, which is the same for all of them. Thus they are 'children' of that parent page. In order to call another frame, you have to first call the parent, and then the other child frame.



in that case, you are positioned at a specific frame and you are calling first the parent, and then the other child frameset (with an id='frame2')

finally call the javascript function in the target frame


this last function should execute a regular ASP.NET postback.  so you need to grab the id of the <form> with runat=server and execute a submit event. In javascript it would be like:


...hope this helps ;)

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