client-side and server-side?

hi, can someone tells me how diff is client side and server side are these two? When I tried to do validation ... I would use Javascript ... which has something like: document.forms[0] ... I think that's client side. 

My understanding on server side is the "form" ... like u will have <form action=".." method=post> ..... </form> ... so it will send to server ... am I on the right track? Are there any other type of server side examples?
9/11/2004 2:57:27 PM
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ASP.NET itself is server side. Every piece of code processed is done on a server. What comes out of this is sent to the browser (client). This contains rendered html en can contain client side javascript, css, ...
Client and server side are two completely different things but if you let them cooperate, both on their side, you can create wonderful things.
Take a look at this site for more information and some lessons because it seems to me that you are in need of some eduction about web technology: w3schools.
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