client side and server side code

Making things clear:

When creating a web application one must know the difference between client side code and server side code.

client side code is the code that is executed on the computer of the user. server side code is the code that is executed on the ....server.

why is there client side code and server side code?

well... server side code exist for the reason of sharing data with multiple users. for example: accessing a database.
ASP.NET is a server side technology. in you can use different languages such as VB.NET or C#.

client side code is used to perform tasks on the computer of the website-visitor. this could be a messagebox or some effect in your browser or calling an activex object on the clients computer.
client side code can also be more than 1 language: vbscript, javascript....these are languages interpreted by the browser. in some browsers you may not be able to create all objects and in the same way.

when an page loads, all the server side code is executed first. Only then client side code can be executed.

in order to send user information to the server (because you want to save it to a database) you can use a form in your web application and post the data to the server. this will result in another load of your page.

you want to use server side variables in your client side code ?

well I suppose you will have to inventive to do that. using hidden fields is 1 way. hidden fields are invisible text fields that you can fill with server side data when your page loads.

Does a page have to reload everytime it gets data from the server?

No. it does not. to solve this problem you can use Ajax or the http request object. this is no longer a postback to the server but it is a call back. If you are new to server side programming, I suggest you first use a regular postback before trying to use http request.

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As as you say, I can use hidden field to fill my server side data. I need to pass some data from vb code-behind to the client-side (HTML javascript). The problem is that when I want to pass an array of data from the dropdown list to the client-side, it only pass the selected value, which is only one value. This is not what I wanted. I want to pass an array of values, and not a single value. How should I do that?

VB Code-Behind:

Dim dataX(3) As Double

Dim dataY(3) As Double

For i As Integer = 0 To 2


dataX(i) = Int((Rnd() * 25) + 1)

dataY(i) = Int((Rnd() * 25) + 1)



Next i

Javascript at HTML view:

function showData()    {
           window.addChartValue = document.getElementById('<%= ddlData.ClientID%>').value,(document.getElementsById('<%= ddlData2.ClientID%>')),false);

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your dropdownlist is a server control.
you will be able to fill it with and will see it client side but I don't think you will not be able to use it in your client side script as if it is a html control.

you can format your data as xml. and use it like that in your client side.(still put the data in the hidden field).

or loop in your and put the data in 1 single string, devided by some characters and send it to your hidden field. and then split it up again in your javascript and use it client side for whatever purpose you need it.
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