change back ground color


I was wondering how do i change the back ground color of my aspx page during runtime.
Ex User has a drop down box and he can select color.
I am using Visual studio editor.In my application i am using an external style sheet the one provided by Visual Studio.
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You can do that with some javascript. To get the value from the dropdown, you'd use an OnChange event. Then refrence it by saying the name of the form, the name of the element, and the value like this:
document.bgcolor = formname.elementname.value;

Jason N. Gaylord
ASPInsider and Microsoft MVP
10/13/2003 3:39:28 PM

I can't seem to reference any html tags like <p> or <body id attributes from my Visual Basic
Code editor.
Secondly I tried from my html editor to call a function from the on load method
kept getting errors
I also tried using <% %> these, still nothing
What i was trying to do was call a function from my <Body onload> method that was defined
in my visual basic code editor file.
I seen this done in the tutoriols offered by this site.
The difference is they use a text editor, and define both the html and Visual basic on the same file.
I am using Visual studio.
If use Javascript on a aspx file do you define the javascript on the server?
10/13/2003 9:46:13 PM

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