Calling parent window (using master page) button click event from an opened child window (not using master page)

I have a parent window that pops up a child window. In the child window, there is a server control LinkButton, with the following command at code-behind upon clicking:

        Response.Write("<SCRIPT> javascript:window.opener.document.getElementById('<%=btnMas.ClientID%>').click(); </SCRIPT>");
        Response.Write("<SCRIPT> javascript:window.close() </SCRIPT>");

What it would like to do are:
1) Invoke the btnMas Click event at the parent window (to refresh a dropdownlist)
2) Close the child window

However, there is an error using the javascript to call the btnMas.Click event:  window.opener.document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object

The parent window is using a master page (child window not using master page).

How would you call the parent window btnMas Click event from the child window in this case?


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you cannot get client id <%=btnMas.ClientId%> in your child page because btnMas is in your parent page, so it is trying to get the value which is not in your child page and it is giving the null error,

try hardcoding the value if it is acceptable or pass the value of your clientid of btnmas to ur child page and use it from there to call the click event,

you can also use window,opener.forms[0].submit(); which will postback ur parent page

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11/11/2008 5:22:14 AM

 Thanks for the pointers.

 I tried the option of 'pass the value of your clientid of btnmas to ur child page and use it from there to call the click event', and it works Smile



11/12/2008 4:48:57 AM

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