calling c# function in javascript function

I'm trying to call a c# function in my javascript function that I use as a buttons OnClientClick. The c# function simply changes some session variable values. The problem I'm having is that everytime my page posts back the c# function that is called within my javascript function is executing, and the only time it should execute is when the button is pressed. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but heres my code:


script type="text/javascript">




<%SetDefault(); %>





Please let me know if you have any ideas what Im doing wrong,


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You cannot call server-side code from client-side code (unless you use something like AJAX). The only way for server-side code to execute is via a PostBack and page refresh.


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Check the HTML that is output and see where your function is being called. It should only be on your button's OnClick event.
** Hope this helps!
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<%SetDefault(); %>

I don't think you realzie this, but that line of code there is being executed every time your page is hit... ASP parses out any <% %> code blocks and runs it before you ever render the page to the client. Even though you think you put that code "in" your JavaScript function, it's not at all.

You should just do a regular asp:Button that posts back to the page and does the session stuff there... if you want to get fancy, then (as was mentioned above) you will want to use ASP.NET AJAX and make your asp:Button "trigger" asynchronously.

If you want to know how to do that, please say so.

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I think you can use Client Callback Feature of to accomplish this,

check this article -


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