Browser Freezing / Locking Up on Async Client Side Web Service Calls

I have an application that uses AJAX and WCF. On some of the pages, some of the time (not consistently), when making an asyncronous web service call and an exception is thrown by the WCF service, the error handler delegate on the client is called correctly, passing the parsed fault and context, and then I do something with the error by injecting the message in a div then displaying that div using a ModalPopupExtender from the AJAX Extensions Toolkit. The modal always displays correctly and makes displaying errors pretty slick, however sometimes when clicking a button in the modal, then calling $find("behaviorID").hide();, the entire browser locks up, I can't even minimize it, close, it, nothing, just stops responding. This happens in IE 7.

 Outside of the AJAX Extensions Toolkit, I have an instance where the exception stack is returned by the success delegate as a string from a web service call and displayed in a simple div, nothing more and sometimes once it is displayed, the browser locks up. I am using 3.5 Framework.

Here is the sample service call that seems to be causing the most trouble at the moment. It seems to happen anywhere that I update the DOM for that page from either the success or failure delegate:

function showLastLeads(num){
	LeadsManager.StatisticsService.get_LastLeadsHtml(EmployeeKey, num, get_LastLeadsHtml_Success, get_LastLeadsHtml_Failure, "");
function get_LastLeadsHtml_Success(result){
	var lastLeads = $get("lastLeads");
	if (lastLeads) lastLeads.innerHTML = result;
function get_LastLeadsHtml_Failure(error){



Chad Scharf

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Any ideas on this. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I've actually been debugging and attached to the browser and server when this has happened (although it also happens in our QA/UAT environment fully deployed as well) and there is no stack information when the browser locks.

Chad Scharf

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4/11/2008 4:16:37 PM

This issue, turns out, was being caused by a bug in IE when a div tag has its style.display = "none" set via script. So, since I was using the ModalPopupExtender to show error messages, when the user clicked "Dismiss" to close the error message pop-up, the browser would freeze, which had nothing to do with the WCF service itself.

 I found the answer to this via a Microsoft KB Article,, and after applying the fix (simple registry entry) and rebooting my machine I have yet to experience this behavior since. The KB article said that Vista SP1 contained the fix for it, but apparenetly when I installed SP1 it felt it unecessary to patch my IE instance.

Hopefully this will help anyone else experiencing the same issue. Spending 100+ hours writing a pure JavaScript/ WCF web application to increase performance of a data and UI intensive app it was very frustrating that it would lock up sometimes on my machine, luckily no-one else in the company experienced this issue once it went live.



Chad Scharf

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6/23/2008 8:30:24 PM

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