Alert Box with OK or Cancel Button

Hi all,

I have embed  JavaScript alert function in my asp code.

But the alert box will only show the OK button.

May I know how to show the option of OK or Cancel button?


My code is as follow:

confirmedMsg = "Confirmed Merging ..?";

javaScript += "\n<script language=\"JavaScript\" type=\"text/javascript\">\n";

javaScript += "<!--\n";

javaScript += "alert('" + confirmedMsg + "')";

javaScript += "// -->\n";

javaScript += "</script>\n";

this.RegisterStartupScript("AlertScript", javaScript);


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use the confirm method


confirm ('are you sure'); 


Das (
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12/13/2007 3:14:18 AM


 Could you elaborate more?


12/13/2007 3:34:59 AM

Instead of using the alert method, use the confirm method in JavaScript

Please visit the following links for more info: 


Das (
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12/13/2007 3:38:04 AM

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