a string in a string in a string in my code behind....

I know my title talk about code-behind, but this is really a client-side problem (and surely a newby one too, sorry about that).

I have a javascript function that my make a little text appear when the onmouseover event of a link is activated.

So, normally, if my link was inside my html code, it would be something like this:

<a href = "whocare.com"  onmouseover="poplink('I want to test something');">test</a>

BUT, for some reason, I have to write this part in code behind with the LiteralControl function....and that will give something like that:

this.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("<a href = 'whocare.com'  onmouseover='poplink('I want to test something');'>test</a>")

the red part is where my problem is, how can I let my browser know that this part is a string, if Im already in a string inside another string....maybe this may sound like a newbish question like I said, but im kinda in the dark here, so any help would be appreciated.
8/30/2005 3:25:36 PM
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Hi xello,

leave the html code as is and just escape double quotes:

this.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("<a href = \"whocare.com\"  onmouseover=\"poplink('I want to test something');\">test</a>")

Julio P. Di Egidio
Software Analyst Programmer

(Peace X Love] = [++1)
8/30/2005 5:58:48 PM

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