Get file name of uploaded file


 Is there a way to grab the full name of the file that is being uploaded?  The software automatically changes it when uploading.



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If you are using the FileUpload control you can use the PostedFile.FileName property.  If you need just the name and not the path, you can use Path.GetFileName(fileControl.PostedFile.FileName)

Is this what you are looking for?


4/24/2007 7:12:01 PM
Thanks Ben, but have you ever looked at the Classified Starter kit?  It does not use the FileUpload control.
4/24/2007 9:50:11 PM

I have not. What is the control that it is using? Is it a <input type="file" />?  If so, that has a posted file property on it too.

4/25/2007 2:06:05 AM

Thanks Ben, but have you ever looked at the Classified Starter kit?  It does not use the FileUpload control.


<asp:DetailsView ID="UploadPhotoDetailsView" runat="server" DataSourceID="PhotoDataSource"
    DefaultMode="Insert" DataKeyNames="Id" AutoGenerateRows="False" OnItemInserting="UploadPhotoDetailsView_ItemInserting"
    CellPadding="5" GridLines="None" CellSpacing="5">
                <asp:FileUpload ID="PhotoFile" runat="server" FileBytes='<%# Bind("UploadBytes") %>' />
        <asp:CommandField ShowInsertButton="True" InsertText="Upload Photo" ButtonType="Button"
    <InsertRowStyle Width="50%"></InsertRowStyle>

4/25/2007 12:47:18 PM

Thanks guys,

 I was able to use this:

FileUpload fu = (FileUpload)UploadView.Rows[0].FindControl("uFile");



4/25/2007 7:00:09 PM

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