Tab Control - load user controls in tab dynamically when tab is selected

I have searched the forum and I cant seem to find the answer to my question, although I have tried some of the hints I have found with no luck....

Can someone show me a working sample (with source code) of a page with a TabContainer and several tabs, with each tab having a user control, but the controls are not added/initialized/shown until the appropriate tab is shown/clicked?

Something like this forum's "Write a New Post" page, where the tabs load after I click on them, and an animated picture displays to show that its loading.

The solution needs to add user controls to the page, not just html into a dynamic populate extender.

I have one user control per tab, and is linked (ala master-child relationship) to the page using a property. My user controls perform long-running web service queries, and I dont want to waste database/computing resources loading content into a tab that the user will never look at.   Right now, all tabs load their content when the page loads, even though the first tab is only shown.

As mentioned above, sample code for the page (.aspx and .cs) and the user control (.ascx and .cs) would really help.


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 Hi Blye,

I have the same situation as yourself and I was wondering if you ever found a solution.  


I'd greatly appreciate any help that anybody might have.





8/22/2008 10:51:09 AM

 I need to do the exact same thing... anyone find any solution? Thanks!

10/14/2008 4:26:40 PM


Frnds any one found the solution..

i have allso stuk on same prob..



11/5/2008 1:38:44 PM

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